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5 Ways to Get Silky Smooth Armpits Without Shaving Them

Summertime is a time for mild attire, tank tops, shorts, and naturally, bikinis. These are lovely and all, however, it’s an actual ache for individuals who like their legs and armpits to be hairless. It’s time to contemplate some options!

buzbuzhd has collected 5 DIY methods to battle physique hair so we will throw the razor away as soon as and for all. Should you’re critical about it, take a look at our bonus tip at the finish of the article!

1. Sugar and lemon juice

Sugar and lemon juice

Sugar and lemon are well-known components relating to preventing undesirable hair. They’re elements of a sugaring paste — a wax-like substance that removes hair simply and for a very long time. Although the method is painful, the outcomes can last as long as four weeks and don’t trigger as a lot of ingrown hair.

By the way, in which, should you add honey, you possibly can simply make it in a microwave. For this, you’ll want:

1 cup of sugar
1/Four cup of honey
juice from the half lemon (2 tbsp)
Combine the components in a bowl and stir till easy, then put it in a microwave for two min. Take it out and stir each 20 to 30 seconds. Let cool earlier than use.

Lemon is acidic, so it additionally acts as a bleaching agent, making your hair mild and nearly unnoticeable whereas additionally slowing down hair development. Right here’s a treatment that may show you how to out with this:

Take 2 tbsps of sugar and half cups of heat water.
Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and stir properly.
Apply it to the armpits and go away for 20 minutes.
Wash off with heat water utilizing slight rubbing motions.
Repeat 2 to three occasions every week.
Should you use these 2 collectively, you received’t have issues in between your sugaring periods, like when your hair is turning into seen however isn’t lengthy sufficient to tug out.

2. Egg white and cornstarch

Egg white and cornstarch

Have you ever ever tried a peel-off face mask? If the reply is “sure,” you most likely realize it’s simpler at eradicating physique hair than it’s at eradicating blackheads. So why not make this sort of masks in your underarms?

Crack an egg, pour the white right into a bowl, and put the yolk away.
Add half tbsp of cornstarch, 1 tbsp of sugar, and stir totally.
Apply the paste to the bushy space and go away till dry (sure, you’ll have to sit down along with your arms up, so be affected, person). After that, say bye to your hair and peel it off!

3. Milk and turmeric

Milk and turmeric

Right here’s one other treatment to make your underarm hair develop slowly and to get thinner each time. All you want is:

  • 3 tsp of turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp of milk

Simple, proper? Now combine these 2 right into a thick paste and apply it to your underarms for 20-30 minutes till the paste is utterly dry. When the time’s up, take a washcloth, moist it with heat water, and rub the masks off with round motions. After that, wash what’s left and dry with a towel. Repeat frequently for a seen impact.

4. Papaya and turmeric

Papaya and turmeric

Yep, right here’s a unique one! Papaya comprises papain — an enzyme able to destroy the hair follicles, stopping their regrowth.

Take 1-2 tablespoons of mashed uncooked papaya, combine it with half a tbsp of turmeric powder, and stir properly.
Apply it to the issue space, and therapeutic massage it gently however totally.
Go away the paste for 15 minutes and wash off.
The treatment is efficient solely in the long term although, so repeat it 2-Three occasions every week for several months to attain wonderful outcomes.

5. Turmeric and baking soda

Should you’d quite eat papaya than waste it on hair elimination, right here’s a much less unique treatment. It’s very easy to make, and the outcomes come sooner than you’d assume.

To make it, put 1 half turmeric, 2 elements baking soda, and blend it with water.
Add the water steadily whereas mixing the components to type a skinny paste.
Apply it to the armpits and let dry.
Rub the combination away along with your arms, then wash and pat the armpits dry.
Keep in mind that turmeric has a brilliant orange shade, and your pores and skin might change a bit, so be affected person and put together for extra rubbing.

Nevertheless superior these DIY treatments are, you should repeat them to keep up outcomes. But there’s a certain approach to do away with undesirable hair as soon as and for all.

We’re speaking about electrical epilation, which is the one approach to take away as much as 100% of hair, it doesn’t matter what shade it’s. This methodology makes use of a tiny needle that enters every hair follicle and destroys the foundation from the within. Sounds scary, proper? However in contrast to different strategies, it removes even gray hair, so it’s a choice that may be made by an individual of any age.

Sure, it’s additionally painful, costly, time-consuming, and even requires that you just observe some guidelines between the periods to attain the promised outcomes. But for many individuals, all that is price it.

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