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How to prepare hair for a relaxer

How to prepare hair for a relaxer touch up In the year 2020

If you have curly or coily hair, a stylist can use a chemical relaxer to permanently align your hair. However, these chemicals can be extreme on your scalp as well as drying out to your hair, so it is very important that you begin preparing your hair a minimum of a week before you most likely to the hair salon. Additionally, care for your hair carefully after it’s relaxed so it will certainly be healthy and also solid when you choose a touch-up.

Caring for Your Hair a Week Ahead Of Time

1: Obtain any kind of expansions or pigtails

At the very least 7 days prior to you intend to have your hair relaxed, eliminate your expansions or obtain any kind of limited hairdos, like pigtails. These designs can put stress on your scalp, which might make it a lot more sensitive to the chemical relaxer.
Along with being gentler on your hair, taking out your braids or extensions will enable you to completely cleanse your hair when you wash it.
In the week leading up to your appointment, prevent using your hair stylishly that will certainly draw or tug on your scalp. Instead, opt for styles like loosened ponytails, pigtails, or buns.

2: Detangle your hair carefully

Divide your hair right into sections, after that use a wide-toothed comb to make certain that your hair is tangle-free from root to tip. If you face a tangle, utilize your fingers to delicately remove it, instead of trying to draw the comb with it, because that can break your hair.
If there are any tangles in your hair, your hair will certainly be more likely to break when you clean it. Likewise, you may not have the ability to shampoo your hair as completely if it’s entangled.

3: Clean your hair with a making clear hair shampoo

Once your hair is detangled, get into the shower and clean it thoroughly from root to tip with a making clear shampoo. This will certainly strip away any item accumulation, oil, sweat, or dirt that may be on your scalp, leaving your hair spotless.
If there’s any buildup on your scalp, it can maintain the relaxer from penetrating your hair uniformly, making it much less reliable.

4: Treat your hair with a healthy protein conditioner to enhance it

Apply to condition or rebuilding healthy protein therapy to your hair while it’s still moist, as well as leave it on for about 10 mins. Then, wash it out extensively. The protein will aid enhance your hair, yet it can really make your hair brittle if you leave it on for too long or utilize it too often, so be sure to meticulously review and follow the directions on the treatment tag.
You can find healthy protein treatments wherever charm items are offered. Nonetheless, if you don’t have one available, attempt making your very own hair mask out of protein-rich ingredients like egg yolk, yogurt, sour cream, or avocado.

5: Deep problem your hair to recover dampness

Both clearing up hair shampoos and healthy protein treatments can leave your hair feeling completely dry. To aid avoid this, use a rich deep conditioner to your hair after you wash out the healthy protein therapy. Allow it to sit for around 10 mins, then rinse it out completely.
If your healthy protein treatment was likewise a deep conditioner, or if you made use of conditioning active ingredients like avocado, you can miss this action.

6: Do not rewash your hair once more before your visit

After you’ve cleaned your hair with clearing up hair shampoo, your scalp will certainly require a week to develop its all-natural oil back up. Those oils, called sebum, will certainly aid safeguard your scalp from the chemicals in the relaxer.
It’s okay to style your hair as you usually would, however, stay clear of utilizing any type of items on your hair throughout the week, consisting of completely dry shampoo.

7: Stay clear of tasks where you’ll sweat a lot

Try not to exercise vigorously over the 7 days prior to your hair consultation, particularly the last 48-72 hours. If you sweat, it can leave an accumulation on your scalp that can cause itching and inflammation, which may make you more sensitive to the relaxer.
You don’t have to avoid exercising entirely, yet try to stay with tasks where you will not sweat as much, like doing yoga exercise, going for a walk, or cycling.

Protecting Your Hair as It’s Relaxed

8: Detangle your hair delicately prior to your consultation

Brush or brush your hair completely with a wide-tooth comb to eliminate any type of tangles. Take your time, and be careful not to scuff throughout your scalp with your comb. That can leave small scratches in your scalp, which might leave you extra at risk to an injury from the relaxer chemicals.
In a similar way, if your scalp itches, try to pat it or massage it, rather than scraping.
If your stylist has to detangle your hair at your visit, it will certainly place additional tension on your scalp, which can make it more probable to burn.

9: Coat along your hairline with petroleum jelly

To safeguard your skin from the chemicals in the relaxer, draw your hair back with a headband, or put it in a loosened braid. After that, spread out a layer of oil jelly all the way along your hairline, in addition to the tops of your ears.
If you have delicate skin, you might intend to spread out petroleum jelly on your scalp, too.

10: Ask your stylist to use a light or normal-strength relaxer

Relaxers are typically classified by their strength, and you can pick from light, regular, and super-strength. Even if your hair is incredibly thick or tightly coiled, it’s still much better for your hair to utilize a normal-strength relaxer. It may take a little bit much longer for the relaxer to function, however, your hair will be much less most likely to break, and also it will leave a little of your natural structure, so your hair will have much more body as well as strength.
If you have fine or curly hair, try using a mild relaxer that contains ammonium thioglycolate.

11: Be entirely honest with your stylist regarding your hair history

If your hair has been formerly treated with any chemicals, including various other relaxers or dyes, it’s very essential to tell your stylist. If a relaxer is applied to hair that’s already been chemically processed, it could cause damages and damage. By speaking openly with your stylist concerning any other therapies you have actually had, they’ll have the ability to make a decision the safest method to treat your hair.

Maintaining Your Hair Between Treatments

12: Repair your roots every 8-10 weeks or longer

The longer you can wait in between touch-ups, the simpler it will certainly be to ensure you do not overlap your relaxer. Wait at the very least 8-10 weeks prior to you get your roots relaxed, but if you can wait 12 weeks or longer, it’s also better.
If the texture difference in your hair comes to be apparent, try using a charming headwrap or turban to extend the time between beauty salon browse through!

13: Use a sulfate-free shampoo every 3-4 days to carefully clean your hair

Sulfates are cleaning agents that can strip the natural oils from your hair. By opting for a sulfate-free shampoo, you’ll help preserve your hair’s natural dampness, leaving it healthier as well as stronger between visits.
Try to only wash your hair 1-2 times a week to maintain it from drying.

14: Moisturize your hair daily with a leave-in conditioner or light oil

Relaxer dries out your hair, so it is necessary that you hydrate it each day. Work a lightweight leave-in conditioner or hair oil right into your hair each day, focusing particularly on the ends, which are the most likely to dry out.
In addition, make use of a deep conditioner once a week. If you don’t have a different conditioner, apply your normal conditioner after you clean your hair, and leave it on for 10-15 mins before you rinse it out.
Avoid products that contain alcohol, as they can dry your hair

15: Prevent heat styling your hair to stop more damages

Styling your hair with a blowdryer, crinkling iron, or straightener can weaken your hair, making it much more vulnerable to damage. Given that your hair has already been harmed by chemical handling, attempt to stay clear of utilizing these devices as high as possible.
If you do intend to heat style your hair, spray it kindly with a heat protectant item. This can assist lessen the damages to your hair.




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